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Peek Inside the “Detroit Style” Pizzeria Opening in the HV

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A new pizzeria will be opening its doors in the Hudson Valley this week and we have an exclusive look inside.

Everyone in the Hudson Valley knows that pizza here is delicious. Most regions of the country have their own style of pizza. We have thin crust, there’s Chicago deep-dish, and everything else is kind of a mix of those two. But there’s a style of pizza you may not have realized existed: Detroit Style.

We have an exclusive look inside the new Hudson & Packard Detroit style pizzeria that’s opening in Poughkeepsie. Check out these pictures before you go in:

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If you are looking for a job and want to work in a place that people enjoy and that also happens to be delicious you may want to consider one of the opportunities at Handsome Devil BBQ in Newburgh, New York.

Handsome Devil BBQ posted on Facebook this week that they are hiring. But before you start asking if they are looking for food tasters, let me stop you and say the answer is No. I know the answer because that was what many people have already asked in the comment selection of the job post. If you want to taste Handsome Devil BBQ you will have to be a customer or at least an employee with some other job.

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Experience the Truth of Food, Culture, and Fine Dining in Poughkeepsie

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The black- and woman-owned restaurant and concept event venue brings chef pop-ups to the former Artist’s Palate space on Main Street.

It was a sad day when The Artist’s Palate announced its closure after 14 years in the Hudson Valley. With a prime location on Main Street in Poughkeepsie, the restaurant was a longtime local favorite for its new American fare and elegant atmosphere. So, when it shuttered its doors at the beginning of 2020, Dutchess County residents had to wonder what would replace it.

At long last, the truth is here. More accurately, Truth is here.

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Remy’s Local Does Farm-to-Table Delivery in the Hudson Valley

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The grocery service connects upstate and New York City residents with local farmers through weekly deliveries that are as fresh as it gets.

As many a Hudson Valleyite knows, farm-to-table life is the good life.

In a region that’s packed to the brim with farms large and small, the support for local produce and goods is less a movement and more a lifestyle. It touches everything from grocery runs to farmers’ markets and meals out at farm-forward restaurants to trips to local boutiques and makers for special finds and services.

Yet when COVID-19 tore through the Valley, farm-to-table businesses felt the pain as online retailers tempted shoppers with contactless, next-day shipping and seemingly endless inventories. After all, if it’s as easy as the click of a button to order an entire cart of groceries, why bother going to the market for local supplies?

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Mallomars Are Back To Save 2020; Practically Being Given Away

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Just when we need them most, New York’s favorite cookie has made its triumphant return.

Every September Nabisco rereleases Mallomars. The marshmallow and graham cracker cookies, coated with rich, dark chocolate have become a tradition in our area. In fact, 70% of all Mallomars are sold right here in the New York Metropolitan area. The famed cookies first went on sale in New Jersey back in 1913 and were only sold from September through March.  The reason was due to warm weather melting the chocolate as it was delivered to stores.  Today, refrigerated trucks could easily solve that problem, but the hysteria surrounding “Mallomar Season” has made the summer intermission of sales more of a marketing decision than a practical one.

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Once the railway came to Verbank, a paper mill, ice house, blacksmith soon followed

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During the mid-19th century, railroads provided a critical means of connecting businessmen in small villages and towns throughout Dutchess County to marketplaces outside the region by delivering necessary provisions and also transporting produce and other products from local farms and mills.

Multiple rail lines made regular stops in a rural community that was named Verbank Station, today’s Verbank, a hamlet in the Town of Union Vale. At the time, the area boasted a paper mill and two grist mills.

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