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If you have traveled out of the house over the last few weeks or months, have you had to get your temperature taken to get in anywhere?

After spending a few days in the “garden state” of New Jersey last week with my kids, the one thing I noticed that was a bit different than here in the Hudson Valley was the amount of times I had to have my temperature taken before I could go into a place.

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Wappinger Says Don’t Dump Recalled Hand Sanitizer Down Drains

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WAPPINGER, NY — If you bought hand sanitizer that the Food and Drug Administration said contained methanol, or wood alcohol, you should not dump the recalled product down the drain. A Facebook post from the town of Wappinger said, in July, the FDA issued recall warnings about some hand sanitizer products that were labeled to contain alcohol but were toxic.

The agency said the recalled hand sanitizers contained methanol, and advised anyone who used it to immediately seek medical treatment to reverse the toxic effects of methanol poisoning.

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What to Expect as Hudson Valley Gyms Reopen

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We’ve been waiting for months to get back to the gym and the time is finally here.

It’s hard to believe that we haven’t been able to go to a gym since March due to all locations closings due to COVID-19 concerns. When New York started their reopening process the most popular question we heard was: “When will gyms reopen?”

For months we heard “Not any time soon.”

Thankfully,  Governor Andrew Cuomo gave the go-ahead for gyms in New York State (but not NYC) to reopen on Monday, August 24th.

I decided to head out to my local gym, AllSport in Fishkill, to see the changes to a gym routine in a COVID-19 world. Of course, there are new air filter systems and new cleaning products that the staff is using, but here are some of the changes your run of the mill gym-goer will notice:

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Look for These Fairy Houses in the City of Poughkeepsie

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Taylor Dickson

The City of Poughkeepsie is pretty magical after all.

Right in the City of Poughkeepsie is a small forest. It’s actually a National Historic Site, called Springside Landmark. Springside was once the estate of Matthew Vassar, the founder of Vassar College. While most of the original estate is gone, some buildings remain by the majority is now woods.

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Most Dutchess County Parks Still Open, With Restrictions

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Looking to get out of the house and enjoy the last of summers warm days? How about heading out to one of the many parks in Dutchess County? Many of the parks are open (except for the Lake Walton Park) with social distancing rules in place, which include face coverings.

Which park is your favorite and why? Here are some details about the parks, including hours of operation from DutchessNY.Gov:

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Gym managers concerned that governor won’t let them reopen

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MID-HUDSON — Hudson Valley gym owners and managers expressed concern over the continued closure of gyms across the state, even as other businesses are reopening slowly.

Gyms and fitness centers were not a part of any of New York’s four phases of reopening businesses, as the state government cited a need to look into air filtration systems in gyms as well as in malls and movie theaters. Malls have since been given the go-ahead to open in all regions except New York City.

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Drive-Thru Convenience Store Set to Open in the Hudson Valley

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A new convenience store chain is set to open its first Hudson Valley location.

According to a Facebook post, Farm Stores is set to open a location in the Hudson Valley. Farm Stores is a drive-thru convenience store. According to their website, Farm Stores carries a variety of items like fresh produce, dairy, baked goods, and household items. The best part? You order online or via their app and they’ll bring it right to your car.

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Fishkill Walmart Extends Hours

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The store has adjusted its hours and will now be open past 8:30 PM but they are not open 24 hours yet.

The Walmart in Fishkill used to be open 24 hours before the coronavirus pandemic. Their schedule had been drastically altered for months. Walmart recently announced another change in their store hours.

Many stores in the Hudson Valley are starting to return to normal business hours or at least extended hour.

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